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One-on-One Mindfulness training for individuals

One-on-One training - here in a session by the phoneMaybe you have a too busy schedule to be able to commit to the regularity of a course or to be able to add a common schedule of home practice into your diary? In the One-on-One training we find ways of incorporating different forms of regular Mindfulness practices into your own particular circumstances.

The One-on-One Mindfulness training normally begins with a face-to-face consultation, where you are introduced to Mindfulness training and its benefits in theory and in experiential ways. You clarify your intention with the training and describe what your daily schedule looks like. Together we develop an experiential schedule of practice for the Mindfulness training. This schedule is then refined during weekly Mindfulness training sessions throughout which other support to the training is also given. The weekly sessions are face-to-face, by phone or by internet (Skype). The training program can last from a couple of months up to four months and be supported by different resources, see courses.

The One-on-One training is open to everybody and is offered both to private individuals and to people in corporations, managers as well as employees.

Please contact us for further information and if you are interested in receiving One-on-One training.

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