Our offerings - Overview

Awareness training and coaching based on Mindfulness

Awareness is the key to growth!We live today in a society where we find ourselves saturated by information, bombarded by possibilities, and even exhausted by the demands that our professional and personal lives make on us. Without effective tools to handle the pressure the result is often mental and emotional imbalance, at work as well as at home. This imbalance affects our ability to effectively relate to our everyday life, both professional and personal.

However, it is possible to live up to our daily challenges by enhancing our ability to stay aware and pay attention. True Development offers diverse possibilities to cultivate this ability.

Central to all that we offer is the knowledge that awareness is the key that enables you to

  • focus more consistently
  • direct your focus more appropriately
  • listen more attentively to both yourself and others
  • communicate more clearly
  • relax more easily

and thereby become more centered, adaptable and flexible in an environment that today seems to move and change sometimes at lightning speed. Our approach to awareness training and coaching is based on Mindfulness. Our corporate courses are especially tailored to apply to work-life.

Please explore what we are offering, on the right of this page, and do get in touch to discuss more about how we can be of inspirational support for you and your organization