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InspirationScientific research on the effect of Mindfulness training

Today there are several thousand scientific research papers written about the effect of Mindfulness training. Numerous articles citing some of these research papers are written on Mindful Leadership and Mindfulness in corporations. Below are some selected resources that regularly report on the development of research on Mindfulness:

Mindfulness research guide
Mindfulness Research Guide is a comprehensive electronic resource and publication database that provides information to researchers, practitioners, and the general public on the scientific study of mindfulness.

Mindfulnet is an independent mindfulness website dedicated to providing easily accessible information on mindfulness.

Mindfulness training increases left prefrontal cortex activation and boosts immune response
Significant increases in left-sided anterior activation, a pattern associated with positive emotions, in the meditators compared with the nonmeditators. It was also found that the people doing mindfulness training had a significant boost in immune response compared with those in the control group.

Mindfulness training can raise the level of emotional intelligence
This study shows that participants with greater meditation experience exhibited higher emotional Intelligence, less perceived stress and negative mental health.

Debiasing the mind through meditation - mindfulness and the sunk-cost effect
Mindfulness improves decision making. This research investigate whether the enhanced present-moment awareness that comes with mindfulness would reduce “sunk-cost bias”—that is, the tendency to continue down a path once we have already made some sort of investment of time, money, or effort. Here is also an article about this research published for the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley.

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