About - Mindfulness in work-life

Mindfulness applied to work-life

Mindfulness is not a new task – it is more of a shift in attitude towards the activity at hand. A day at work involves different kind of activities, where an attitude of Mindfulness can be applied.

Mindful workingMindful working

Mindful working is about developing the ability to place your focus on the task at hand – and keep it there as long as you choose even though distractions may come, such as distracting sounds in an open work area or disturbing thoughts. The ability to manage and sustain the direction of your attention is at the core of your ability to be efficient and productive.

Mindful communicationMindful communication

Mindful communication is about developing the ability to listen attentively to the other person, express yourself constructively with clarity, calmness and empathy, and do so even in tense situations. When both parties are mindfully aware of oneself as well as the other, communication is most likely to be fruitful.

Mindful emailingMindful emailing 

Emailing is a fast way of communication – where the receivers only have the written word to rely their interpretation on when it comes to the content of and the intent behind email. Sometimes we are too fast on the send button resulting in misunderstanding, anger, confusion or other kinds of unwanted reactions taking up our precious time and energy. Mindful emailing is about using focused awareness to save us from this.

Mindful meetingsMindful meetings 

Applying mindful awareness when in meetings with other people is a way of getting the most out of the time we spend together. It also supports us in keeping the focus on the intent of the meeting and arrive at conclusion faster and more effortless.

Mindful breakMindful breaks 

Taking mindful breaks during the work day supports our brains revitalization and ability to stay focused. A mindful break need only take the time of a few breaths – it is an effective way of keeping us on track during the day.

Mindful eatingMindful eating 

Food taste so much more when we are aware of our senses while eating. Mindful eating allows us to use the eating break to rejuvenate and refocus and also to be aware of our eating patterns.

Mindful walking when commutingMindful walking

We need to move around during the work day. Mindful walking is a way to reconnect with our body as we move to the next activity on our schedule.

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